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Our Company Corporate Societal Responsibility
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Check out the 2017 CSR online report

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Operating in a caring and socially responsible manner, especially when it comes to improving the lives of people with severe diseases through innovative therapies and support programmes, has been one of the distinguishing characteristics of UCB over many years.

We are driven by a passion to make a genuine difference in the lives of patients and their families in a caring and socially responsible manner.

We do this by:

  • Involving patients and caregivers first-hand in all facets of our business - patient centricity
  • Respecting employees and providing an environment where people can express their talents
  • Complying with strict regulations governing the biopharma world
  • Working towards a green planet through the use of clean technologies
  • Improving the quality of life and access to neurological care for persons living with epilepsy in resource-poor countries through the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund.

We hold ourselves accountable for social, environmental and economic progress, i.e. valuing corporate performance beyond finance

  • Define KPIs/benchmarks according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and assured by external auditors
  • Formalise and strengthen commitment to CSR performance.

We welcome any suggestions or comments you might have, please email us at

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CSR Annual reports


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Corporate Societal Responsibility (“CSR”)  at UCB was inspired by insights gained from the reports of the United Nations Development Program and the Global Footprint Network. [1],[2]

In these reports, country-specific data on health, wealth and education, and the country ecological footprints were combined and enable us to identify and bridge UCB’s challenges for a responsibility and sustainability strategy.

The two dimensions which are deemed critical factors for UCB’s responsibility and sustainability strategy are:

(i) the human development index combining health, educations and living standards dimensions, as an indicator of socio-economic development; and

(ii) the ecological footprint as an indicator of the human demands on our planet.

In the search to allow and create growth and value and to diminish our impacts on the environment, UCB adopted a patient-centric and planet-centric vision.

Our CSR focus was adopted by answering the following questions:  how can UCB contribute to design molecules and devices for patients living with severe diseases;  how can UCB assist persons living with epilepsy in communities in resource-poor countries to reach a higher human development index; and how can UCB continue to lower our ecological footprint?


[1] The Ecological Wealth of Nations: Earth’s biocapacity as a new framework for international cooperation. Global Footprint Network 2010,13
[2] Human Development Index data from Human Development Report 2009 – Overcoming Barriers: Human Mobility and Development. UNDP 2009

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The UCB Societal Responsibility Fund was jointly launched by UCB and the King Baudouin Foundation in 2014.

The general objective of the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund is to improve the quality of life and access to neurological care for persons living with epilepsy in resource-poor countries.

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